5 Outrageous fantasy costumes

Sometimes, a costume comes along that just blows people out of the water. Either it is so scantily clad that people’s tongues drop to the floor or the level of artistry leaves people star struck. Here is a list of five costumes that can be rightfully deemed outrageous.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine: Although she first appeared as a cybernetic killing machine bent on assimilating all sentient life, Jeri Ryan’s costume as Seven of Nine left little to the imagination. While she may be called cold, the audience was undoubtedly hot for her skin tight, feature hugging, one piece jumpsuit.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi: Princess Leia always had sex appeal throughout the series due to the charming performance and effortless attraction brought to the screen by Carrie Fisher. However, fans had no idea what they were getting into when the character was taken prisoner by the gangster Jabba the Hut. Gone were her cinnamon bun hairdo and long white robes. Hello golden metal, barely there bikini.

Jane Fonda as Barbarella: This campy sci-fi romp featured the always sexy Jane Fonda as a scantily clad action heroine trying to save the planet. Never mind the outrageous opening sequence of her undressing in zero gravity, Barbarella was an underdressed space warrior with a penchant for escaping torture devices that delivered lethal doses of sexual stimulation.

Beau Garrett as Gem: She may be digitized but you won’t catch me complaining about Beau Garrett as Gem from Tron: Legacy. That form fitting white, neon clad, one piece could crash a hard drive. Combine that with the pseudo-beehive hairdo and you have a digital girl with all the right moves.

Zoe Saldana as Neytiri: Fully computer generated characters can get away with some looks that flesh and blood actresses can’t. Take for example Neytiri from Avatar. Not only is she a giant blue cat lady, but she also sports a decidedly minimalist approach towards clothing. Is that an eye patch or a loin cloth? Nevertheless, this animated leading lady certainly won the heart of the hunky lead and the audience by prancing around Pandora in a truly outrageous outfit.

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