Enjoy Being a Christmas Elf

Christmas elves are seen as “Santa’s Helper” and today, you may find a traditional Elf Costume in green and red felt or you may find a more daring outfit for adult Christmas parties.  It is fun to check out the history of being a Christmas elf if you have not already studied it.  Here are some fun facts about Christmas elves from days past.

Elven History, Lore and Mischief

There are other stories about elves being not only mischievous but also that they were barbarians which is nearly impossible to imagine. These little pointed ear creatures are devilish and hide out when they think they are going to be seen.  They treat everyone well unless they are treated badly. No one person can claim to know where elves live, the elf lore states that these creatures were originally part of German pagan beliefs.  These little creatures were also believed to protect homes. The challenge was that if you treated them well, they provided good things for you and your family; while if you treated an elf badly then they would play tricks on you to make you wish you had not treated them poorly.There are of course those who believe that elves love to play pranks. This is likely true though they are more likely to play pranks on those who do not believe that they must behave themselves and treat elves well.  Somewhere on the Korvatunturi Mountain in Finland is where the Christmas elves seem to make their home. This of course remains largely a mystery since it is a well-kept secret.

Christmas Elves and Elven Names

There is always great speculation regarding the role than an elf plays at Christmas time. Some people believe that the elves help create toys, help deliver toys and even help keep track of who is nice and who is naughty.  There are even those who believe that Santa’s elves help keep the sleigh running well and take care of the reindeer.

Many different names are bandied about for the Christmas elves. There are those who claim they know exactly how many elves that Santa has as well, but of course since they are never seen, it is highly unlikely that anyone knows who all of the elves are.

Some of the elves that are believed to be part of Santa’s workshop include those who help respond to Christmas letters and emails – these elves are the children of Gryla and Leppaludi and not only do they help with toy design, they also answer Santa’s mail.

Western names of the Christmas elves that are a help to Santa Claus are:

  • Guardian of the secret village Pepper Minstix
  • The Naughty & Nice list is taken care of by Alabaster Snowball
  • The magic toy-making machine was invented by Bushy Evergreen
  • Sugarplum Mary helps Mrs. Claus and is in charge of sweets
  • Wunorse Openslae not only is believed to have designed Santa’s sleigh but also makes sure that it stays in good working order.  Wunorse also takes care of the reindeer to make sure they are ready for Christmas each year.

Elf Dress and Manners

Elves are traditionally donned in green and red attire befitting their station.  This is especially true around the holidays. However, there are those who have a bit of extra mischief – and since elves may be male or female it is not uncommon to see them acting up and dressing up for their mates.  Elves are creatures who believe that they can find their true love only one time in their lives and they make the most of the courtship process.  Elves marry young and stay married throughout their lives – an interesting catch since they are immortal as well.

These impish little creatures have worked their way into our folklore and have a long and rich history.  Have some fun this holiday season and be one of Santa’s elves. See what elf fits your style here at Frankel’s!

Vampiress Costume

Now, if there was any genre of costume that has been done so often over the decades, the award would more than likely go to the vampires. Every other year or so some new hype comes along to remind us just what fascinates us so much about these undead creatures.

Going as far back as the original novel of “Dracula” by Bram Stoker in 1897, or even further still with “The Vampyre” in 1819 by John Polidori, the subject of these creatures have continued to mesmerize humans with their legends and mysteries. Today these novels are still being read along with popular titles such as “The Vampire Chronicles” by Anne Rice or “The Cirque du Freak” novels by Darren Shan. Television and movies are no exception to the rule either with their countless Hollywood movies and television shows, like “Buffy” and “True Blood”.

The popular assumption with vampires is that, especially with the earlier ones, the style itself was more of the Victorian Era. With the Vampiress by Sunnywood, the elegant glamor of this dress is matched by the modern touches of an older style. This form-fitting dress is mostly black with red trimming and red patterned fabric down the center. Across the chest area there is black mesh and black ribbons that is woven down not unlike a corset. With the sleeves hanging off the shoulders two straps are in place to keep the dress in place. And starting from the middle of the forearm, delicate patterned lace veils your wrists and hands. With the ruffled bottom and thin over-skirt of chiffon, this is one Lady Vampire who is bound to turn heads at any late night gathering!

A design made exclusively for plus-size costume wearers this dress is available in three sizes. I myself found myself most comfortable in the largest size available, the 3X, which measures out to being a dress size average of 22 to 24. The fabric is light and the material draping from the arms does not cause my skin to itch as one would guess. Whether you are a long-time fan of vampire lore or someone who just likes to read the occasional comic or watch a movie from time to time, the Vampiress costume is a beautiful design for all to enjoy.

So much glamor! So little time!

Only 86 days left!

Time to plan and practice your own unique look. Come on over to Frankel’s and try on something. Get some ideas. Find just the right accessories. Get everything just so.

Practice your makeup. Get a professional consultation and learn to do it right. At Frankel’s we have everything you need. Four different lines of cosmetics. Hollywood quality. One line is made special for us and can be found only at Frankel’s. Air brush equipment and products are stocked as well.

You should see what creative makeup can do for the living dead…scary. Bullet holes. Magnificent death wounds. And blood? So many different kinds and so real I needed a transfusion just walking through that aisle.

Clown makeup with all the noses, ears, gags. Any character can be made into a clown with the right touch. Cheerleader clown? Nurse clown? Nerd clown? Or a Julia Childs clown with a dead chicken and a bottomless glass of wine? Or any other clown you can imagine, we can bring to life.

And teeth? Vampire teeth, gold and silver, some with bling. And we’ll show you the best way to wear them. And then there’s Toothfairy teeth—so malformed your Orthodontist would faint at the very sight.

Temporary tattoos of every variety—for every body part. Hearts and flowers. Mom in every configuration. Celtic. Motorcycle babe. Dragons. Snakes.

Wigs—curly, straggly, long or short. Even bald. Every color of the rainbow—neon, pastel, unbelievable.

Or maybe you want to be a star! Michael? We have the glove! And the costume. A little makeup and a good voice. Hope you can sing and dance.

Dolly? So much glamour, so little time. Not much is real so almost anyone can do a version of Dolly.

Elvis? Have you seen all those wannabee Elvises? You could be that good…or better. A little swagger and a sneer. Start practicing. We’ve got the makeup. We’ve got the jumpsuits. We’ve got the bling. If you’ve got the nerve to try it.

Marilyn? You can do this. The makeup. The costume. The little girl voice. A blonde wig. A bombshell dress. A beauty spot just so. With a fan placed just so, swirling your skirt higher and higher. Fantasies are made of this.

This is the time to play out your fantasies. Live your dreams! If not now, when? I came home as Cher last night and Johnny couldn’t keep his hands to himself….More later!

Your personal shopper,

You Salsa Devil, You

Only 88 days left! Who are you going to be?

Let that naughty girl out!

Like to salsa? You could be the Salsa Devil. It’s a costume worthy of Dancing with the Stars. Glamorous, flirty, bare enough. Lots of red, sequins, filmy chiffon floating over a bare midriff. Fun for dancing. Sequined horns on a headband. Red pitchfork earrings.

What kind of party are you going to? Go salsa dancing and take some friends. Maybe dressed as Devil Babe in a jumpsuit with attached tail. Headband horns. Real looking pitchfork. Salsa moves and this costume are made for each other.

Devil by Night is also a possibility. Flame print with a tall face framing collar. Very flattering. Matching headband horns. Long gloves. Blood red earrings.

Or Devilicious—short and sassy miniskirt. Possibly with red fishnet tights. With a fire-red wig. And a horned red mask. Long gloves to take off provocatively one finger at a time. It will drive him crazy.

It’s all about the fantasy. Wouldn’t you like to let your inner devil out to play?

And the guys have fabulous choices, too. Lucifer De Luxe. Devil Lord. Bare chests with jeans under the robes, medallions, pitchforks, and fabulous twitching tails. Makeup to light up those mischievous eyes.

If the guys don’t have the six-pack to show off, we can help with that too. Without the workouts! Shortcuts include makeup or prosthetics. If a guy doesn’t look HOT after coming to Frankel’s . . .

You can be the man of her dreams. You can make it happen. What’s holding you back? Come on, it’s Halloween. What better time to play? And who knows what could happen. Playing with fire can be dangerous and FUN!

So pick your salsa club. Make your reservations. You are all gonna look so HOT. It’s not too late to take salsa lessons. Get your moves on.

Your personal shopper,

Which Witch?

Ninety days to Halloween and already rumors are flying? Parties are being planned. Costumes are in the design stage. Hosts and hostesses are getting their brooms in a row.

The personal shopper hotline is buzzing with rumors of a witches-only party—with their dates, of course. So, if you’re dating a witch, you should be on the lookout for your own costume. Or come to Frankel’s, we’ll help you knock their warts off. Maybe you want to be a cross dressing witch yourself or find a more manly costume showing that gorgeous six pack—or not. We have it all at Frankel’s.

One group of girlfriends, planning to go together to the witches’ party came looking for costumes that would win the door prize for originality—just any old witch would NOT do. We shopped for a while and we talked to the closet mistress. The choices were amazing–and that’s just the choices for witches. We could probably dress hundreds of witches without duplicating. The girls are going to look amazing. Letting out their inner-witches, each one shows individuality, humor and sass.

Plus Mama chose red sequins for a bustier and FM shoes under her black robes with a spanking broom and black spider jewelry. The sweet honey-blond chose a short sexy costume—Pin-Up Witch with tall boots and a witch hat with bling. The others are still trying to decide but I think the redhead will become the Pixie Witch with green makeup and stick on warts. And the older one of the group is leaning toward Elegant classic witch—with her own cat and cauldron, cute little Victorian ankle boots and her magic book of spells. Maybe a wig of long white scraggly witch locks and skull jewelry.

As you can see, accessories make the costumes work better. A cauldron with real looking fire. Skull earrings. Red venom spider earrings. Blood and diamonds. The titillating spanking broom. Wild and witchy socks. Cute Victorian ankle boots. A peaked witch hat complete with owl. You could use boas of almost any coordinating color—long or short.

Accessories can change the whole mood. Which witch are you? Elegant? Sexy? Funny? Flirty? Irresistible? Irrepressible? Suggestive? Get your patter ready. Party’s on!

And to get everyone in the mood, a set of wicked witch prop legs hanging out of your trunk? Do you dare?

Your personal shopper,

A Hundred Days Till HALLOWEEN!

The countdown begins NOW!

A hundred days to Halloween! New costumes are arriving daily—how many UPS and FedEx drivers can there be, and all going to Frankel’s.  So many costumes, so little time. More than 57,000 rental costumes live at Frankel’s year round. Maybe it’s time to do a little dress-up. Come on down and try something on. If you can’t find a rental you must have, we have almost as many different costumes for sale.

Let your imagination run wild! Who do you want to be this year? Britney? Marilyn? Elvis, Michael or Beyoncé? Anything is possible. The staff is trained to make it happen. Within limits, of course. Making a supermodel out of an 800 pound gorilla is going to be a little difficult.  But the closet mistress has been known to work miracles and magic before. Maybe she will do it for you.

Sometimes the smallest accessory makes all the difference. Where would the French maid be without her little feather duster? Or a senorita without her black lace fan? The movies have an impact on our imagination—do you have an inner star that’s screaming to come out? Let it shine! You could be the Mad Hatter (we have several versions, all worthy of Johnny Depp) or you could be the Red Queen. We might even be able to find you a pig. Or cover it all up entirely and be the White Rabbit complete with a large ticking pocket watch. C’mon Alice, you’ll be late. Come to the tea party as whoever YOU wanna be.  And check out our tea party display coming soon at 2801 Polk. Check the website for directions.

Being a pirate might be fun–carry your own personal bottle of rum, what’s your favorite—how about the only rum made in Texas. The parrot might be a little messy, though, unless he gets his ration of rum.

Sumo wrestler?   Geisha?   Dance hall girl?   John Wayne?   Or if you’ve got the right curves, maybe you could be an avatar. A bit of a challenge, but remember, whatever you can dream, Frankel’s can dress you for the part.

Seriously, put some thought into this. Don’t wait till October 29, there will be lines around the block waiting their turn for a dressing room.  You have ONE HUNDRED DAYS starting today. Find something outrageous—creative—FUN!  I’m looking forward to hearing about your ideas. Let me hear from you. I’ll answer as many questions as I can. And come on down to the store for inspiration!

Toga Tour

The closet mistress gave me the grand tour today. Seeing the store through her eyes gave me a totally different perspective.

Where I saw a Roman soldier, she saw a hottie of a customer transformed by her magic. After costume, accessories and makeup, he was so real I expected him to open his mouth and speak a dead language. His sandals were authentic down to the last mid calf strap. His sword and helmet were polished so bright, they shone like glass in the desert. A little spray tan . . . and he could have been in the Roman army all his life.

The sweetie by his side was also changed in a flash—into a goddess! The toga draped so fluttering, I mean flatteringly. The sandals, the jewelry, even the wig, Vestal virgin? Or Goddess Diana ready for the hunt?

That toga was no bed sheet! It clung to all the right places and draped enticingly over the right curves. When he saw her in that costume . . . and when she saw him. Something wonderful ignited. I wouldn’t have been surprised to be surrounded by torchlight in ancient Rome. The air around them was simply sizzling. Somehow I doubt these costumes will wait for October 31. Maybe she should try on the Cleopatra outfits too. She would look amazing in that exotic eye makeup and a serpent wrapped around her upper arm.

It’s surprising how many costumes are actually timeless, good year round for fun-loving couples. Wonder if my Johnny would like this toga thing . . . maybe a breakaway version.

The closet mistress turned away to take care of another customer, but not before I caught the twinkle in her eye. She knew I was hooked, too. Like she could read my mind, almost. I suspect she really loves her job. Seems like everyone at Frankel’s loves being there. And they are almost ready for another great Halloween. As the new displays go up, I’ll let you know what’s hot this year.

Personal Shopper Frankie

Yes, I’m obsessed with shopping, so what? It’s my job. It’s creative, it’s fun and it pays the bills really well. I get to buy things for someone else to pay for but unfortunately, for someone else to wear. My clients are mostly professional people who are too busy to shop. Most don’t have the creative juice to dress themselves well, but some just don’t have the time.

I think of myself as a scout on the way to a party. I can help my clients look their best and save whatever reputation they might have. I can also make sure they know what not to wear. And I can be frankly (no pun intended) honest. Does this make my butt look too big? Oh, yeah. But then, maybe not, if you want to look like the fat lady in the circus, or the elephant she’s riding on. LOL!

I have couples to dress for a big corporate event on Halloween and reputations to save. The other parties, especially the Montrose party, will be on the thirtieth. The hosting couples need to be sure they are uniquely dressed. And of course, the kids will be trick or treating all weekend long.

I can’t wait to get to Frankel’s Costumes and check out what’s new. Fifty seven thousand rental costumes! Plus, all the amazing costumes for sale, and so affordable. I do like to keep my costume for possible private encores. Johnny will love seeing me in that wisp of nothing. I do have my naughty side. So does Frankel’s! More on that later!

What shall I wear this year? One of my perks is that I am invited to all the parties…I’ll need more than one costume. I may ask for your votes later when I have to decide but for now, I’m just going to try on a few pieces. When I walk in the front door of Frankel’s I feel like I’m six years old again and back in my momma’s closet playing dress up with my sis.

I’ve been on a scouting trip to Frankel’s already this year and OMG, can you believe how much is in that store? And the new Halloween things are just beginning to arrive. What a great year this is going to be!

If you don’t have your duds ready, you’d better get started now or you might get stuck with wearing a bed sheet after all. Your reputation could be in danger—unprepared, socially impaired, unable to think outside the box. What will that do for your career? Think about it. You might need a personal shopper yourself.

I will be here all the way to H-Day! Maybe you’ll pick up a creative twist that will make all the difference. I’m going to review the new costumes as they arrive and help you find the perfect accessory. I remember the office party where I went as Ms. Darth Vader, black billowing cape, complete helmet with voice disguising apparatus, and light stick but here comes the creative twist—hot Puerto Rican pink feather boa and disco pumps with light up high heels that made my own light show as I danced with John Travolta. What a night! If it hadn’t been so warm I might have worn the helmet for the whole time.

Unmasking was too sweet! No one had imagined it could be me. I had such fun with that boa! Hot pink is my color. I could have gone half naked in any number of appealing sexy outfits but my corporate reputation would be in tatters, so to speak. How can you maintain authority in the office when they remember you as the belly dancer? Not that my abs would have impressed anyone—ROTFLMAO! Talk about what not to wear!

So what are you wearing this year for Halloween?