A Hundred Days Till HALLOWEEN!

The countdown begins NOW!

A hundred days to Halloween! New costumes are arriving daily—how many UPS and FedEx drivers can there be, and all going to Frankel’s.  So many costumes, so little time. More than 57,000 rental costumes live at Frankel’s year round. Maybe it’s time to do a little dress-up. Come on down and try something on. If you can’t find a rental you must have, we have almost as many different costumes for sale.

Let your imagination run wild! Who do you want to be this year? Britney? Marilyn? Elvis, Michael or Beyoncé? Anything is possible. The staff is trained to make it happen. Within limits, of course. Making a supermodel out of an 800 pound gorilla is going to be a little difficult.  But the closet mistress has been known to work miracles and magic before. Maybe she will do it for you.

Sometimes the smallest accessory makes all the difference. Where would the French maid be without her little feather duster? Or a senorita without her black lace fan? The movies have an impact on our imagination—do you have an inner star that’s screaming to come out? Let it shine! You could be the Mad Hatter (we have several versions, all worthy of Johnny Depp) or you could be the Red Queen. We might even be able to find you a pig. Or cover it all up entirely and be the White Rabbit complete with a large ticking pocket watch. C’mon Alice, you’ll be late. Come to the tea party as whoever YOU wanna be.  And check out our tea party display coming soon at 2801 Polk. Check the website for directions.

Being a pirate might be fun–carry your own personal bottle of rum, what’s your favorite—how about the only rum made in Texas. The parrot might be a little messy, though, unless he gets his ration of rum.

Sumo wrestler?   Geisha?   Dance hall girl?   John Wayne?   Or if you’ve got the right curves, maybe you could be an avatar. A bit of a challenge, but remember, whatever you can dream, Frankel’s can dress you for the part.

Seriously, put some thought into this. Don’t wait till October 29, there will be lines around the block waiting their turn for a dressing room.  You have ONE HUNDRED DAYS starting today. Find something outrageous—creative—FUN!  I’m looking forward to hearing about your ideas. Let me hear from you. I’ll answer as many questions as I can. And come on down to the store for inspiration!

Personal Shopper Frankie

Yes, I’m obsessed with shopping, so what? It’s my job. It’s creative, it’s fun and it pays the bills really well. I get to buy things for someone else to pay for but unfortunately, for someone else to wear. My clients are mostly professional people who are too busy to shop. Most don’t have the creative juice to dress themselves well, but some just don’t have the time.

I think of myself as a scout on the way to a party. I can help my clients look their best and save whatever reputation they might have. I can also make sure they know what not to wear. And I can be frankly (no pun intended) honest. Does this make my butt look too big? Oh, yeah. But then, maybe not, if you want to look like the fat lady in the circus, or the elephant she’s riding on. LOL!

I have couples to dress for a big corporate event on Halloween and reputations to save. The other parties, especially the Montrose party, will be on the thirtieth. The hosting couples need to be sure they are uniquely dressed. And of course, the kids will be trick or treating all weekend long.

I can’t wait to get to Frankel’s Costumes and check out what’s new. Fifty seven thousand rental costumes! Plus, all the amazing costumes for sale, and so affordable. I do like to keep my costume for possible private encores. Johnny will love seeing me in that wisp of nothing. I do have my naughty side. So does Frankel’s! More on that later!

What shall I wear this year? One of my perks is that I am invited to all the parties…I’ll need more than one costume. I may ask for your votes later when I have to decide but for now, I’m just going to try on a few pieces. When I walk in the front door of Frankel’s I feel like I’m six years old again and back in my momma’s closet playing dress up with my sis.

I’ve been on a scouting trip to Frankel’s already this year and OMG, can you believe how much is in that store? And the new Halloween things are just beginning to arrive. What a great year this is going to be!

If you don’t have your duds ready, you’d better get started now or you might get stuck with wearing a bed sheet after all. Your reputation could be in danger—unprepared, socially impaired, unable to think outside the box. What will that do for your career? Think about it. You might need a personal shopper yourself.

I will be here all the way to H-Day! Maybe you’ll pick up a creative twist that will make all the difference. I’m going to review the new costumes as they arrive and help you find the perfect accessory. I remember the office party where I went as Ms. Darth Vader, black billowing cape, complete helmet with voice disguising apparatus, and light stick but here comes the creative twist—hot Puerto Rican pink feather boa and disco pumps with light up high heels that made my own light show as I danced with John Travolta. What a night! If it hadn’t been so warm I might have worn the helmet for the whole time.

Unmasking was too sweet! No one had imagined it could be me. I had such fun with that boa! Hot pink is my color. I could have gone half naked in any number of appealing sexy outfits but my corporate reputation would be in tatters, so to speak. How can you maintain authority in the office when they remember you as the belly dancer? Not that my abs would have impressed anyone—ROTFLMAO! Talk about what not to wear!

So what are you wearing this year for Halloween?