So much glamor! So little time!

Only 86 days left!

Time to plan and practice your own unique look. Come on over to Frankel’s and try on something. Get some ideas. Find just the right accessories. Get everything just so.

Practice your makeup. Get a professional consultation and learn to do it right. At Frankel’s we have everything you need. Four different lines of cosmetics. Hollywood quality. One line is made special for us and can be found only at Frankel’s. Air brush equipment and products are stocked as well.

You should see what creative makeup can do for the living dead…scary. Bullet holes. Magnificent death wounds. And blood? So many different kinds and so real I needed a transfusion just walking through that aisle.

Clown makeup with all the noses, ears, gags. Any character can be made into a clown with the right touch. Cheerleader clown? Nurse clown? Nerd clown? Or a Julia Childs clown with a dead chicken and a bottomless glass of wine? Or any other clown you can imagine, we can bring to life.

And teeth? Vampire teeth, gold and silver, some with bling. And we’ll show you the best way to wear them. And then there’s Toothfairy teeth—so malformed your Orthodontist would faint at the very sight.

Temporary tattoos of every variety—for every body part. Hearts and flowers. Mom in every configuration. Celtic. Motorcycle babe. Dragons. Snakes.

Wigs—curly, straggly, long or short. Even bald. Every color of the rainbow—neon, pastel, unbelievable.

Or maybe you want to be a star! Michael? We have the glove! And the costume. A little makeup and a good voice. Hope you can sing and dance.

Dolly? So much glamour, so little time. Not much is real so almost anyone can do a version of Dolly.

Elvis? Have you seen all those wannabee Elvises? You could be that good…or better. A little swagger and a sneer. Start practicing. We’ve got the makeup. We’ve got the jumpsuits. We’ve got the bling. If you’ve got the nerve to try it.

Marilyn? You can do this. The makeup. The costume. The little girl voice. A blonde wig. A bombshell dress. A beauty spot just so. With a fan placed just so, swirling your skirt higher and higher. Fantasies are made of this.

This is the time to play out your fantasies. Live your dreams! If not now, when? I came home as Cher last night and Johnny couldn’t keep his hands to himself….More later!

Your personal shopper,