Movies For 2012 And Their Costumes

This year looks like it’s going to be a big year for movies. And I know there are far more movies coming out than what I’ve listed below, but I tried to restrict my criteria to two main points. The first is that the movies on this list have a release date set. And the second is how elaborate of an arrangement in costume styles I can present to you, the reader. There are more movies I wish to add but I may try for another list later this year.

The Hobbit – Fans of the trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien are already getting hyped for this prequel hitting the big screen. The trailer having debuted in December of last year, we have an entire year to wait for it’s release. But that doesn’t stop us from getting our costumes ready while re-reading the book! Between familiar faces returning and new ones to behold, this first half of the fantasy adventure is sure not to disappoint!

The Dark Knight Rises & The Avengers – One is the conclusion to an epic trilogy while the other is the collection of multiple movies coming together. And both are super hero movies that are sure to blow us away and have us on the edge of our seats! Super heroes have always been a popular choice when it comes to dressing in costumes, with these two being no exception. Whether it’s for the midnight premiere or a Halloween party you can bet your cape that these heroes will be walking tall this year!

The Hunger Games – The plot of this movie may not exactly scream costumes there are definitely a few things to look out for! Yet another book adapted to film, “The Hunger Games” is a grim story but it still manages to shed light on eccentric characters and eye-popping costume designs! Effie Trinket alone could have an entire line of costumes dedicated to her unique style of clothing and make-up. But keep an eye out for Katniss’ dress and the outfits for the other tributes too!

Brave – This is a big deal for anyone who is a fan of Pixar’s works. Why? Because this is their very first Princess movie. Disney is usually the one to handle this genre but now Pixar is having a go. And based on the trailers and images released online, this is going to be one stunning movie of a heroic princess tale. Not to mention the outfit designs for all of the characters? Simply amazing.

Mirror, Mirror & Snow White and the Huntsman – This year should come with the subtitle of “Year of the Snow White Movies” because somehow we’re getting two of them! And they could not be any more different from each other if they wanted to. One has the light-heart and bright feel of a whimsical fairy tale. And on the other side of coin there is the darker, more adult tale that has the feel of a Grimm tale. But both films promise us a delightful array of costumes and designs!

Are there any movies you think that should have made this list? Anything you would have changed? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your opinions!

Movie Ticket Weekly “Beauty and the Beast in 3D”

I am not going to lie to you. This is is me, cheating. Going to see a movie I have seen repeatedly as a child, and even to this day on DVD, is flat out cheating on my part. But that doesn’t change the fact that twenty years after it was first on the silver screen, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” does not disappoint when it allows you the chance to relive the magic in theaters once more. And this time, in 3D!

Now I know what you’re thinking: a two-dimensional film being shown with a third-dimension? That sounds incredibly silly and just a little gimmicky. In most cases movies that are shot in 3D tend to be more of a joke. I usually get headaches whenever I’ve braved the ticket price for one. You tend to be better off not paying the extra five to seven dollars since the so-called 3D effect is something left to be desired.

Disney was able to pull of the effect just right though. They didn’t attempt that effect where objects in the movie jump out of the screen and at you, the viewer, as other companies have advertised in commercials for their films. No, instead of that, what Disney did was give “Beauty and the Beast” more visual depth. It had the feel of an animated pop-up book on display, almost as if you could reach into the movie and touch the scenery and characters. “Beauty and the Beast” moved along seamlessly and naturally as my eyes adjusted quickly to the added dimension.

The 3D effect also helped to make particular moments even more spectacular than before! Right from the beginning the look of the country and the castle with the stained glass introduction had me going “Whoa” over my drink. All of the musical numbers such as “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston” and “Beauty and the Beast” seemed even bigger than before.

Even “The Mob Song” with the deeper, darker visual had me feeling goosebumps as I hummed along. Now for any of the big fans, this was the original theatrical release version that they used so ” When We’re Human Again” is not in it.

These effects played up the strong points of the visuals and succeeded in making them even stronger. Given the opportunity I would definitely go see it again just because of all the fun I had. Not to mention there is an additional surprise for you right before the movie! Fans of Disney’s last movie, “Tangled” are in for a real treat with the animated short “Tangled Ever After”. Also, your sides might end up in a lot of pain or your lungs lacking oxygen from laughing so hard. Fair warning.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is if you are a huge fan of Disney and loved “Beauty and the Beast” then this is not something you will want to miss. It did not disappoint.

Movie Ticket Weekly “The Adventures of Tintin”

You could not have asked for a better team to bring “The Adventures of Tintin” to the silver screen in this latest adaptation. Directed by Steven Spielberg who in turn produced the movie alongside of Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy, all in which are names with so many movie titles under their belt that not a single person has not seen a movie by any of them, if not all three.

Steven Moffat, who has written “Jekyll”, “Sherlock”, and current head writer for “Doctor Who”, wrote the original script. That screenplay was given to Edgar Wright and Joe Cornis. The former is the writer responsible for “Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”. The latter has recently made a huge success in both writing and directing the film, “Attack the Block”.

The movie is shot entirely in motion capture, and while not the same as seeing the characters in the familiar style of Herge’s original comics, still manages to bring them to life while keeping the cartoonish feel to their design. The over all tone of the film is that of an epic adventure that could be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Jamie Bell stars as the title character of Tintin with Andy Serkis as the Captain Haddock and Daniel Craig as the movie’s antagonist, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakarine, all of whom do a splendid job in bringing the voices to their characters.

“The Adventures of Tintin” is a combination of three of the many comic adventures but this was something I didn’t know about until after I had seen it. The three tales were seamlessly put together and flow so smoothly that it has the feel of just one story. Admittedly the pacing felt a little on the rushed side but I found that to be forgivable. The non-stop adventure had me on the edge of my seat.

Right from the very beginning, after the opening pays tribute to the source material, we watch as Snowy, Tintin’s fox terrier, attempts to go after a pick-pocket that leads Tintin to the model ship that sets the story in motion. Within five minutes the ball is rolling with Tintin diving into this mystery involving hidden treasure, tales of revenge, and an adventure spanning across the globe. He is one journalist who knows how to go looking for a story!

While the movie offers little to explain the characters of Tintin and Snowy in the beginning, the end of it leaves the viewer with a strong impression of these two beloved characters. With this being the first of a planned trilogy we are sure to have more to learn about this duo.

If you haven’t already, I strongly implore you to go out and see this movie. Go with friends, family, or alone, it doesn’t matter. Do not miss out on seeing this on the big screen! The scenery is absolutely stunning that only adds more to this visual success.

Memorable hairstyles in Movies

There is always that one aspect a person thinks of first when talking about a movie. Sometimes it’s a particular character. Or maybe it’s a specific line or even an outfit. But in this case, there are just some movies where the most memorable attribute you take with you by the time the credits role is a character’s hairstyle. A little weird but it tends to be more common than you might think.

Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future Trilogy: The fact that Christopher Lloyd played this role is more than enough to have anyone remembering in years to come. His portrayal of the character has everyone quoting his character. But whenever someone wants to dress up as Doc Brown, the most important item needed is that wild wig of white hair with the receding hairline. It just wouldn’t be Doc Brown without that hair!

Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element: There is no possible way for anyone to forget this can-shaped, bleach blond pompadour hair that Chris Tucker had to wear after seeing this movie. It is just there for all to see and never to forget. It’s as if someone decided to attempt to make a lawn sculpture on this man’s hair. Or better yet, it looks like someone let Edward Scissorhands style it.

Princess Leia from Star Wars: Quite possibly the most memorable hair style in the science fiction movie genre, this style of twin buns on either side of her head is recognized by fans and non-fans alike. While there is also Padme’s bizarre fan hair style from The Phantom Menace it just doesn’t have the same amount of recognition in pop culture and movie history as Leia’s braided buns does.

Danny Zuko from Grease: Another pompadour look that was less fanatical and yet certainly more memorable. Danny Zuko was that guy everyone knew, the cool guy who always had to look as cool as he thought himself to be. And the most important aspect of his appearance was his fair. Sure there was the Thunderbird leather jacket, but really now, we all know it was the hair. Why else would he have that comb with him at all times?

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany: This was a classier, more sophisticated look when compared to the other styles mentioned above this. It was a smaller beehive look that was popular at the time that was completed with the diamond hair tiara that. While it isn’t a style seen very often nowadays, it’s definitely one that will have movie fans recognizing.

Movie Ticket Weekly “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”

After an extremely busy season I am back once more! It’s time to resume my duties of watching the latest films showing in theaters and write up the reviews. So, to start of my return, this week I will be reviewing “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”.

It has been two years since the first “Sherlock Holmes” film has been on the screen and now it is back, once again directed by Guy Ritchie with Hans Zimmer, as well as Lorne Balfe behind the musical score. Within the first minute of the movie Holmes is at it again. Tying into the last film they show at Irene Adler is up to something with Holmes following her every step while John Watson prepares for his marriage to his fiance. It also isn’t long until the audience is re-introduced the method of following Holmes’ process of thinking when finding himself in a fight for that matter! But with all of the reminders from the first film there are certainly new surprises and new faces for the viewer.

Sherlock has all but been consumed by his greatest case yet. The Napoleon of Crime, the infamous genius known as James Moriarty shares the spotlight with the brilliant detective in a ever-lasting game of wits and intelligence. This game however is not without risks, chances, and consequences. Both France and Germany at each others throat and Moriarty is ready to strike the match to start the war, as well as supply the world with the ammunition needed to ignite a world war. Well, that is unless Sherlock and Watson can find the means to stop him, no matter what the cost.

Easily the best parts of this movie are the scenes involving both Holmes and Moriarty. To see two men of equal intelligence with morals on opposite ends of the spectrum are fascinating to behold. There is always a game between to them and a dangerous one too. While Lord Blackwood from the first movie was a formidable opponent it’s Moriarty that keeps Holmes on his toes, ready to watch him slip and fall. The director did not waste even a second with their scenes. If anything I wish there could have been more! But coming to a close second are the brief moments between Holmes and Mycroft. One Holmes is intriguing enough, but two? I could hardly keep the grin off my face whenever Stephen Fry appeared in the role of the older brother.

However, if I say anything more I’m afraid I’ll spoil the story. This is one movie where you just have to see it for yourself. So grab a friend or family member and see this movie! Fair warning though: as enjoyable as it was, there were moments in the cinematography where my mind was thrown for a loop. While the style is pleasing to the eye, the slow motion capture with explosions, fights, and shots go on for too long at times. It isn’t enough to ruin how much I enjoyed the movie too and I hope it doesn’t ruin it for you as well!

Movie Ticket Weekly “The Help”

You know a movie is very good when it manages to leave you both hating and having hope in your own kind. The Help tugged on quite a few heartstrings and had me looking for tissues on more than one occasion. With the combination of a powerful script and brilliant actresses and actors this movie has easily found it’s place among one of my favorite films of this year.

Adapted from the 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett, The Help takes place in the early 1960’s of Jackson, Mississippi with the story focusing on two black house maids, Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) and Minny Clark (Octavia Spencer), as well as a young white woman named Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan (Emma Stone).

Set during the harsh times of the Civil Rights era it tells the story of how the three work together to write was to be a controversial book that recounted true tales of the life of black house maids. Woven into this is each of their own story lines that explore just a portion of what life was back then. You see the steps they take, the risks and threats that haunt them and observe each journey they take together. It provides a glimpse of how appalling a person can be to another for one minute only to gain faith once more when you see another character shows kindness and civility the next.

What truly drags you into the story is the strong acting ability of the cast. It is one thing for me to love the main characters, to feel sympathy and even shed tears for them. The characters that are on the opposite side of the spectrum, such as Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard), are the ones that can make or break a story, no matter how strong the remainder of the cast is. And Howard pulls off a stunning performance. She played a character that just made you want to hate her which goes to show how well she can perform.

Emotions are tested in this movie. The story is well constructed, the relationships strong and, more importantly, believable, all in which are wrapped up in an ending that is both heart breaking yet hopeful at the same time. Now the movie has been out in theaters for a few weeks now and it has stayed at the top of the box office. If you haven’t seen it already try to change that as soon as you can. This is a drama that everyone who is a fan of the genre should see at least once.

Movie Ticket Weekly “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”

It’s never any fun when you get yourself all worked up and excited about a movie only to have your hopes bitterly destroyed.

For starters, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was not even remotely scary. The jump scares could be seen coming, the little demonic creatures looked more like mutated rats and with the exception of maybe two characters, everyone was ridiculously dumb. Painfully so.

I had thought that with Guillermo del Toro’s name on the film as producer and writer, it would mean this movie would provide in full what it was advertising. He is the one behind one of the most beautiful yet edge-of-your-seat fantasy-horror movies, Pan’s Labyrinth. In fact, there were moments in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark where Sally (Bailee Madison) is seen wandering about a labyrinth and all I could think of was when Pan was going to show up on-screen. It would have been an improvement on the movie’s part.

Honestly, I don’t mean to rag on this movie but it says something when not even halfway through, everyone in the theatre is talking. Originally, I was elbowing my roommate, who went with me, to shut him up but eventually I just gave up. It ended up being more enjoyable to start up our own MST3K commentary.

If anything Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was more gruesome and disturbing than it was scary. Within the first five minutes, you watch as Blackwood tricks his maid down to the basement where he trips and knocks her out. Then with a chisel and hammer, he hammers out her teeth in order to feed the Toothbreakers in the furnace that have taken his son from him. I cringed so much my shoulders were hurting for a few minutes after the fact. There are two other disturbing moments in the film but I prefer to avoid spoiling a movie no matter how disappointing it may be.

As I mentioned before, this movie is littered with jump scares. It even goes as far as to play tug-of-war with your expectations when they reuse one particular scare not once, not twice, but three times and on the same exact character no less.

Never had I been so disappointed in a movie. I had been looking forward to being scared to the point of having to sleep with the lights on. I even went as far as to seeing a night showing on Friday night so that we would get out at midnight just to add to the creepy atmosphere. Instead I was left thinking back on Disney films that were scarier than this; or the villains to be precise.

Save your money. You may have a better chance with a DVD release. That way, you can watch it at home with all of the lights off and everything completely silent. Who knows, you might feel a shiver of fear when you do. Or maybe you’ll throw couch pillows at the television at how stupid the parents are.

Movie Ticket Weekly: “Fright Night” & “Conan the Barbarian”

This past weekend was the weekend of remakes! How do they stand up compared to their originals? I wouldn’t have the faintest idea because I was one of the viewers that walked in blindly to both Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian.

First up we have Fright Night, a remake of the 1985 horror film by the same name. A suburban neighborhood falls prey to a vampire by the name of Jerry but who is going to believe a teenage boy who discovers this? After all, what vampire would go by the name of Jerry? But strange choice in naming aside, what started off as a half-way decent horror movie became a fairly campy vampire flick. The opening scene sells the fear element and sets the tone for the first half of the movie. This is one vampire that won’t try to use sparkling skin to try and strike fear. No, this one will simply go for the jugular, or better yet, blow up your house.

Both Colin Farrel (Jerry) and Anton Yelchin (Charley Brewster) act off one another very well. It was enjoyable to see them alternate between the roles of hunter and hunted that plays out throughout the film. One scene in particular I want to make mention of is when Charley tests out his theory of what Jerry really is when his neighbor comes over to borrow a six-pack of beer. It’s understandable that it would be difficult to play it cool when there is a blood-thirsty mythological creature hovering in your doorway trying to convince you to invite them inside your house, to which Anton performs very well.

However, the one that stole the movie for me was David Tennant. His character of Peter Vincent was the highlight of the film and every scene he was in did not disappoint. In fact, the only thing I regret was not seeing more of his character in it.

Fright Night was a fun film. Not the greatest but certainly not the worst. The campy moments earn a good laugh although I think there were moments that weren’t intended to be funny. I have plans on seeing it again but probably not until the DVD is out. If you have the chance, however, go see it in the theaters. It’s worth seeing at least once on the big screen. And don’t forget to pick up a pair of fangs before you do!

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum now, Canon the Barbarian wasn’t entirely as bad as I’ve seen people make it to be. This was one of those movies where I walked in not expecting much save for a lot of fight scenes and the obligatory forced romance. And that’s what I got. There was more blood than I had imagined though. Probably even more than there was in Fright Night—and that one is of the vampire genre!

The story starts off with the birth of Conan on a battlefield and proceeds with the non-stop violence and bloodshed throughout his childhood. Under the guidance of his father, Corin (Ron Perlman), he is taught the ways of their people and shows early signs of a potential psychopath. Seeing a young child showing up with four severed heads and looking hardly disturbed by this? Not a good sign, just saying.

But after a life changing event, we fast-forward to where Conan (Jason Momoa) is now a part of a new ‘family’ of warriors who take it upon themselves to bring down those who are in the wrong and profit from their rewards. Meanwhile, some ways away, a temple is under an attack that has been orchestrated by a man named Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang) and his daughter, Marique (Rose McGowan). They seek the last remaining girl of a royal bloodline that is capable of necromancy. With the use of her, the pair seeks out to resurrect their lost wife/mother respectively in hopes to… you guessed it: take over the world and make Khalar a god. What else can you expect from a fantasy film such as this?

There is nothing memorable about the movie. The acting is good, don’t get me wrong, but with such a weak story there really isn’t much one can expect out of it. If you’re looking for mindless violence, lots of yelling, and all around wanting to waste a couple of hours, then this is the movie for you. It may be in your better interest if you save your money for another movie and wait for this to come out on DVD though.

The Conan costumes are on their way to our shop so for anyone interested be sure to keep an eye out this Halloween!

Movie Ticket Weekly “The Smurfs”

To make up for missing last week, there are going to be two reviews this week. First up will be The Smurfs and then later this weekend, Cowboys and Aliens! Unfortunately I had missed seeing both films on opening weekend, hence the delay.

Now, getting back to business, it’s safe to say that The Smurfs are among the most iconic cartoon characters in history. The original comics began in October of 1958, having been brought to life on paper by a Belgian cartoonist by the name of Peyo. Originally the Smurfs (or known as Schtroumpf in French) had started off as nothing more than a joke between Peyo and his friend André Franquin, unaware of how much of an impact these little blue creatures and their strange language would have on the world.

Having grown up watching Cartoon Network as a kid it’s no surprise that among the various shows that aired I watched The Smurfs. Those blue creatures in white pants and hats that stand at no more than three apples tall in height had captured my heart and were an absolute joy to watch. So upon hearing that the cartoon was going to be getting a live action movie, I knew I had to go and see it. And during a time where every cartoon that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s was getting either the movie and/or reboot treatment, it wasn’t a surprise to see this happen.

So the question is how does the movie treat these beloved Smurfs? Are they given the respect and love they have come to deserve? Or is it riddled with pop-culture references, weak humor and slap-stick antics, and leaving you slightly terrified of a possible Smurf army showing up at your door one day ready to take over?

There were moments in The Smurfs movie that had the same tone and messages that the original comics and cartoons had taught everyone. One scene in particular that stands out among the rest was when Papa Smurf (voiced by Jonathan Winters) and Patrick Winslow (as played by Neil Patrick Harris) talk about what it means to be a father. It was a simple scene with a moving conversation between the pair. Or how about seeing Clumsy spend the duration of the movie learning to come to terms with his clumsiness and prove himself to his family? Scenes like these were the most endearing and reminded me why I loved The Smurfs.

I could have gone without seeing Garamel using a wine bucket as a chamber pot though. Just putting that one out there. There was too much potty humor that had no place in this film and, in all honesty, was there really a need to set this all in New York City? Is there something wrong with little mushroom villages in magical kingdoms in times of fairy tales?

But for those of you who remember their love for these characters, we have made sure to stock up on costumes and accessory kits to fulfill your smurfy needs! A traditional Smurf costume is available in both standard as well as plus sizes for the men, and for the women we carry Smurfette! And for less than two (2) dollars we also have make-up kits that include the blue make-up as well as the blue, round rubber nose. Even something as simple as the iconic white hats are available, so be sure to stop by before they’re out of stock!

Movie Ticket Weekly “Captain America: The First Avenger”

Overall, it seems that Marvel has done well for itself in the movie theaters, rounding out the year with the success of Captain America: The First Avenger this past opening weekend. And while this is the final film for the year it has now opened the doors to the greatly anticipated The Avengers film that is due out in May of next year.

We as the audience are witnessing another origin story of a popular super hero. Set during World War II, the tale revolves around Steve Rogers. Repeatedly, he tries to join the Army but at the beginning of the film we are shown that he has been rejected four times. Steve proves that the true measure of man is found within the heart and compassion he has for his fellow human being when he is constantly judged for his small and weak appearance. In fact, it is these exact qualities that helps him to stand out above everyone else as the first soldier to be selected for an experiment that leads to his becoming of Captain America. It is, at it’s core, a story showing just what an underdog character is capable of and seeing them get the chance they deserve to prove themselves.

My only complaint with the movie itself is that at the time he pulls on the costume of Captain America, a good chunk of the film is nothing but montages. It works for the most part but it can become tedious after awhile. In comparison with the entire film though it’s a small gripe and does little to diminish how much I enjoyed watching it. Plus, the use of the classic uniform design at first was well done and had moviegoers grinning in amusement at how it was put to use.

The casting worked extremely well too. The last super hero movie that Chris Evans had starred in was the Fantastic Four franchise with him in the role of Johnny Storm. Admittedly I was skeptical at first because the two characters are so different but Evans showed off his acting ability by fitting into the role of Rogers seamlessly. Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Hugo Weaving are always a delight to see in films, so seeing them in the same movie made it all the more entertaining. The use of CGI was not overwhelming, the explosions left my ears ringing and the make-up for Weaving’s character, Red Skull, was amazing.

One note worth mentioning too is that the soundtrack is composed by Alan Silvestri, who is responsible for fantastic soundtracks such as the Back to the Future Trilogy, Flight of the Navigator, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump and both Night at the Museum films, just to name a few. Captain America is just another addition to his long roster of wonderful projects.

With this movie finally debuting, the stage is finally set for The Avengers. In fact, for those who sit through the credits of the movie they are treated to a teaser trailer for that movie, giving us glimpses of what to expect, including the return of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk.

Super hero costumes are always popular all year round and not just on Halloween. Unfortunately we had sold out of the classic Captain America costume before the movie’s release on Friday, however, we will be getting in a shipment of the brand new Captain America costume before the end of the month! Designed by Disguise, the full body jumpsuit costume includes the boot covers, utility belt and the mask-hood. Now the shield is sold separately but we will get that in stock as well and it measures at being 24” in diameter. Keep an eye on our Twitter as well as our Facebook page for updates!