Enjoy Being a Christmas Elf

Christmas elves are seen as “Santa’s Helper” and today, you may find a traditional Elf Costume in green and red felt or you may find a more daring outfit for adult Christmas parties.  It is fun to check out the history of being a Christmas elf if you have not already studied it.  Here are some fun facts about Christmas elves from days past.

Elven History, Lore and Mischief

There are other stories about elves being not only mischievous but also that they were barbarians which is nearly impossible to imagine. These little pointed ear creatures are devilish and hide out when they think they are going to be seen.  They treat everyone well unless they are treated badly. No one person can claim to know where elves live, the elf lore states that these creatures were originally part of German pagan beliefs.  These little creatures were also believed to protect homes. The challenge was that if you treated them well, they provided good things for you and your family; while if you treated an elf badly then they would play tricks on you to make you wish you had not treated them poorly.There are of course those who believe that elves love to play pranks. This is likely true though they are more likely to play pranks on those who do not believe that they must behave themselves and treat elves well.  Somewhere on the Korvatunturi Mountain in Finland is where the Christmas elves seem to make their home. This of course remains largely a mystery since it is a well-kept secret.

Christmas Elves and Elven Names

There is always great speculation regarding the role than an elf plays at Christmas time. Some people believe that the elves help create toys, help deliver toys and even help keep track of who is nice and who is naughty.  There are even those who believe that Santa’s elves help keep the sleigh running well and take care of the reindeer.

Many different names are bandied about for the Christmas elves. There are those who claim they know exactly how many elves that Santa has as well, but of course since they are never seen, it is highly unlikely that anyone knows who all of the elves are.

Some of the elves that are believed to be part of Santa’s workshop include those who help respond to Christmas letters and emails – these elves are the children of Gryla and Leppaludi and not only do they help with toy design, they also answer Santa’s mail.

Western names of the Christmas elves that are a help to Santa Claus are:

  • Guardian of the secret village Pepper Minstix
  • The Naughty & Nice list is taken care of by Alabaster Snowball
  • The magic toy-making machine was invented by Bushy Evergreen
  • Sugarplum Mary helps Mrs. Claus and is in charge of sweets
  • Wunorse Openslae not only is believed to have designed Santa’s sleigh but also makes sure that it stays in good working order.  Wunorse also takes care of the reindeer to make sure they are ready for Christmas each year.

Elf Dress and Manners

Elves are traditionally donned in green and red attire befitting their station.  This is especially true around the holidays. However, there are those who have a bit of extra mischief – and since elves may be male or female it is not uncommon to see them acting up and dressing up for their mates.  Elves are creatures who believe that they can find their true love only one time in their lives and they make the most of the courtship process.  Elves marry young and stay married throughout their lives – an interesting catch since they are immortal as well.

These impish little creatures have worked their way into our folklore and have a long and rich history.  Have some fun this holiday season and be one of Santa’s elves. See what elf fits your style here at Frankel’s!

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