Illustrated History of Magic

Magic has captivated audiences for centuries. From the smallest child to the oldest grandparent, magic and illusions continue to dazzle everyone of all ages. And in “The Illustrated History of Magic”, Milbourne and Maurine Christopher provide for you, the reader, a tour of all things magic.

This is not a book containing how-to or step-by-step tricks and illusions. That is something that can be found anywhere else. Within the covers of this book are four-hundred and eighty four pages dedicated to the very history of magic through out the world from Egypt to China, from Britain to the United States. And names

Stories of different magicians, sorcerers, conjurers and illusionists as well as their amazing feats are here to teach you what magic is all about. Since it’s original publication in 1973, “The Illustrated History of Magic” has been updated by the Milbourne’s wife after his unfortunate passing in 1984 to include stories about Siegfried & Roy and David Copperfield, just to name a couple. Milbourne Christopher is said to have been major influence in the world of magic as a magician himself, as well as a lecturer and historian. All in which is told in the foreward from David Copperfield himself.

But what makes this book all the more entrancing is that included with all these stories are illustrations. Hence the title. With roughly three-hundred illustrations, this bibliography of magic shows examples of everything written within. Copies of playbills for popular acts can be seen, along with cartoons, advertisements, even photographs, all in which are based on these legendary events and people. This is a book to help both newcomers as well as old friends of this trade to learn what brought magic to where it is to this day. And with pictures coupled with the stories, it is difficult not to find any enjoyment in this enriched history.

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