Memorable hairstyles in Movies

There is always that one aspect a person thinks of first when talking about a movie. Sometimes it’s a particular character. Or maybe it’s a specific line or even an outfit. But in this case, there are just some movies where the most memorable attribute you take with you by the time the credits role is a character’s hairstyle. A little weird but it tends to be more common than you might think.

Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future Trilogy: The fact that Christopher Lloyd played this role is more than enough to have anyone remembering in years to come. His portrayal of the character has everyone quoting his character. But whenever someone wants to dress up as Doc Brown, the most important item needed is that wild wig of white hair with the receding hairline. It just wouldn’t be Doc Brown without that hair!

Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element: There is no possible way for anyone to forget this can-shaped, bleach blond pompadour hair that Chris Tucker had to wear after seeing this movie. It is just there for all to see and never to forget. It’s as if someone decided to attempt to make a lawn sculpture on this man’s hair. Or better yet, it looks like someone let Edward Scissorhands style it.

Princess Leia from Star Wars: Quite possibly the most memorable hair style in the science fiction movie genre, this style of twin buns on either side of her head is recognized by fans and non-fans alike. While there is also Padme’s bizarre fan hair style from The Phantom Menace it just doesn’t have the same amount of recognition in pop culture and movie history as Leia’s braided buns does.

Danny Zuko from Grease: Another pompadour look that was less fanatical and yet certainly more memorable. Danny Zuko was that guy everyone knew, the cool guy who always had to look as cool as he thought himself to be. And the most important aspect of his appearance was his fair. Sure there was the Thunderbird leather jacket, but really now, we all know it was the hair. Why else would he have that comb with him at all times?

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany: This was a classier, more sophisticated look when compared to the other styles mentioned above this. It was a smaller beehive look that was popular at the time that was completed with the diamond hair tiara that. While it isn’t a style seen very often nowadays, it’s definitely one that will have movie fans recognizing.

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