Men’s Cuts in Fashion

Men’s clothing sits at an interesting place in the world of fashion. The big waves are undoubtedly made in women’s fashion. Female models strut down the runway in an almost climatic fashion, capstones to an evening ogling runway-side the latest and most groundbreaking. Men can often get lost in the shuffle with their usual trousers and suit coats. However, men’s fashion is just as dynamic as women’s, it just take a more discerning eye to notice the incremental changes over the years.

Men’s fashion revolves around a small number of components. Slacks or trousers start off the ensemble and are followed up with a button up long sleeve shirt. A vest can be placed over this shirt depending on the occasion. Finally, a coat rounds out the standard male outfit and may be joined by a necktie.
Bearing in mind this somewhat formulaic outfit, men’s fashion may seem pretty dull and static. Nevertheless, there is a huge variation within these pieces. The biggest variation if likely to be the style of the cut, the shape this cut takes, and the material used. Based off the sheer options available when it comes to materials utilized, one can see how men’s fashion has a great range of diversity to it.

Considering cuts, men’s fashion changes incrementally. Pants cuffs and the number of buttons on suit coats may bounce around from time to time, cuffs either gaining or diminishing in diameter and suit coats going for the single or double breasted look, but the core look remains the same. Today’s men’s cuts largely opt for a slimming look, with tapered trousers, unpadded suit coats, and patterned tops that contrast with the solid colored pants and coat.

Cotton and silk are favored contemporary materials but polyester and wool are still utilized in blends. The heyday of polyester in the mid-20th century has passed, as had padded shoulder suit coats that puff up the appearance of its wearer.

Despite the small range of men’s fashion choices, men’s clothing has a timelessness to it. This enables men to get by despite a lack of fashion knowledge.

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