Movie Ticket Weekly “Beauty and the Beast in 3D”

I am not going to lie to you. This is is me, cheating. Going to see a movie I have seen repeatedly as a child, and even to this day on DVD, is flat out cheating on my part. But that doesn’t change the fact that twenty years after it was first on the silver screen, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” does not disappoint when it allows you the chance to relive the magic in theaters once more. And this time, in 3D!

Now I know what you’re thinking: a two-dimensional film being shown with a third-dimension? That sounds incredibly silly and just a little gimmicky. In most cases movies that are shot in 3D tend to be more of a joke. I usually get headaches whenever I’ve braved the ticket price for one. You tend to be better off not paying the extra five to seven dollars since the so-called 3D effect is something left to be desired.

Disney was able to pull of the effect just right though. They didn’t attempt that effect where objects in the movie jump out of the screen and at you, the viewer, as other companies have advertised in commercials for their films. No, instead of that, what Disney did was give “Beauty and the Beast” more visual depth. It had the feel of an animated pop-up book on display, almost as if you could reach into the movie and touch the scenery and characters. “Beauty and the Beast” moved along seamlessly and naturally as my eyes adjusted quickly to the added dimension.

The 3D effect also helped to make particular moments even more spectacular than before! Right from the beginning the look of the country and the castle with the stained glass introduction had me going “Whoa” over my drink. All of the musical numbers such as “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston” and “Beauty and the Beast” seemed even bigger than before.

Even “The Mob Song” with the deeper, darker visual had me feeling goosebumps as I hummed along. Now for any of the big fans, this was the original theatrical release version that they used so ” When We’re Human Again” is not in it.

These effects played up the strong points of the visuals and succeeded in making them even stronger. Given the opportunity I would definitely go see it again just because of all the fun I had. Not to mention there is an additional surprise for you right before the movie! Fans of Disney’s last movie, “Tangled” are in for a real treat with the animated short “Tangled Ever After”. Also, your sides might end up in a lot of pain or your lungs lacking oxygen from laughing so hard. Fair warning.

All in all, what I’m trying to say is if you are a huge fan of Disney and loved “Beauty and the Beast” then this is not something you will want to miss. It did not disappoint.

Author: Maegen

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