Movie Ticket Weekly “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”

After an extremely busy season I am back once more! It’s time to resume my duties of watching the latest films showing in theaters and write up the reviews. So, to start of my return, this week I will be reviewing “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”.

It has been two years since the first “Sherlock Holmes” film has been on the screen and now it is back, once again directed by Guy Ritchie with Hans Zimmer, as well as Lorne Balfe behind the musical score. Within the first minute of the movie Holmes is at it again. Tying into the last film they show at Irene Adler is up to something with Holmes following her every step while John Watson prepares for his marriage to his fiance. It also isn’t long until the audience is re-introduced the method of following Holmes’ process of thinking when finding himself in a fight for that matter! But with all of the reminders from the first film there are certainly new surprises and new faces for the viewer.

Sherlock has all but been consumed by his greatest case yet. The Napoleon of Crime, the infamous genius known as James Moriarty shares the spotlight with the brilliant detective in a ever-lasting game of wits and intelligence. This game however is not without risks, chances, and consequences. Both France and Germany at each others throat and Moriarty is ready to strike the match to start the war, as well as supply the world with the ammunition needed to ignite a world war. Well, that is unless Sherlock and Watson can find the means to stop him, no matter what the cost.

Easily the best parts of this movie are the scenes involving both Holmes and Moriarty. To see two men of equal intelligence with morals on opposite ends of the spectrum are fascinating to behold. There is always a game between to them and a dangerous one too. While Lord Blackwood from the first movie was a formidable opponent it’s Moriarty that keeps Holmes on his toes, ready to watch him slip and fall. The director did not waste even a second with their scenes. If anything I wish there could have been more! But coming to a close second are the brief moments between Holmes and Mycroft. One Holmes is intriguing enough, but two? I could hardly keep the grin off my face whenever Stephen Fry appeared in the role of the older brother.

However, if I say anything more I’m afraid I’ll spoil the story. This is one movie where you just have to see it for yourself. So grab a friend or family member and see this movie! Fair warning though: as enjoyable as it was, there were moments in the cinematography where my mind was thrown for a loop. While the style is pleasing to the eye, the slow motion capture with explosions, fights, and shots go on for too long at times. It isn’t enough to ruin how much I enjoyed the movie too and I hope it doesn’t ruin it for you as well!

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