Movie Ticket Weekly “The Adventures of Tintin”

You could not have asked for a better team to bring “The Adventures of Tintin” to the silver screen in this latest adaptation. Directed by Steven Spielberg who in turn produced the movie alongside of Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy, all in which are names with so many movie titles under their belt that not a single person has not seen a movie by any of them, if not all three.

Steven Moffat, who has written “Jekyll”, “Sherlock”, and current head writer for “Doctor Who”, wrote the original script. That screenplay was given to Edgar Wright and Joe Cornis. The former is the writer responsible for “Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”. The latter has recently made a huge success in both writing and directing the film, “Attack the Block”.

The movie is shot entirely in motion capture, and while not the same as seeing the characters in the familiar style of Herge’s original comics, still manages to bring them to life while keeping the cartoonish feel to their design. The over all tone of the film is that of an epic adventure that could be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Jamie Bell stars as the title character of Tintin with Andy Serkis as the Captain Haddock and Daniel Craig as the movie’s antagonist, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakarine, all of whom do a splendid job in bringing the voices to their characters.

“The Adventures of Tintin” is a combination of three of the many comic adventures but this was something I didn’t know about until after I had seen it. The three tales were seamlessly put together and flow so smoothly that it has the feel of just one story. Admittedly the pacing felt a little on the rushed side but I found that to be forgivable. The non-stop adventure had me on the edge of my seat.

Right from the very beginning, after the opening pays tribute to the source material, we watch as Snowy, Tintin’s fox terrier, attempts to go after a pick-pocket that leads Tintin to the model ship that sets the story in motion. Within five minutes the ball is rolling with Tintin diving into this mystery involving hidden treasure, tales of revenge, and an adventure spanning across the globe. He is one journalist who knows how to go looking for a story!

While the movie offers little to explain the characters of Tintin and Snowy in the beginning, the end of it leaves the viewer with a strong impression of these two beloved characters. With this being the first of a planned trilogy we are sure to have more to learn about this duo.

If you haven’t already, I strongly implore you to go out and see this movie. Go with friends, family, or alone, it doesn’t matter. Do not miss out on seeing this on the big screen! The scenery is absolutely stunning that only adds more to this visual success.

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