Star Style: Hollywood Legends as Fashion Icons by Patty Fox

Hollywood is commonly viewed as a fashion Mecca since so many of the top designers cater exclusively to this crowd of celebrities and starlets. Patty Fox’s book, Star Style: Hollywood Legends, examines the highs and lows of the fashion world from the rose tinted lens of Hollywood. Organized by celebrity, each entry examines the role this person has had on the development of fashion and how the stars of the silver screen not only are at the forefront of the fashion world but also set the tone for most people’s fashion sense.

Although I expected this book to be little more than a fluff piece that focuses on a few tried and true fashion icons, there are a whole host of lesser known fashion icons who usually fly under the radar when it comes time for a retrospective on the best dressed in Hollywood. While stalwarts in the annals of fashion like Audrey Hepburn are present, lesser known ladies, like Delores Del Rio, are also included to provide a far more nuance retrospective on Hollywood’s fashion successes.

Each entry is also chocked full of interesting stories and entries detail the various ladies of Hollywood and their dalliances with fashion. While the information present is hardly provocative or juicy, tending more to be sentimental trips down memory lane, they are nonetheless entertaining to pass the time in between the glossy photos of leading ladies tearing up the red carpet.

Furthermore, a revised edition was released that included some more contemporary fashion figures like Gwyneth Paltrow, Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore and Cher, keeping the book relevant and not merely a relic you would encounter at a dentist’s office.

Although most of the info in this book is good natured accounts of fashion successes and faux pas, the reader from cover to cover is enjoyable. This is highly recommended for red carpet aficionados or rabid fans of the shining stars of Tinsel Town. For those more interested in the evolution of fashion, give it a look through but don’t expect enlightenment.


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