Halloween Costumes

Pink Pixie Costume

August 16, 2010 Halloween
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We have had this Roma costume for a while but I just can’t get over how adorable it is! As a child, I couldn’t help but wonder about fantasy creatures like pixies and fairies. With all the books out there telling you stories of fairies, how could you not wonder if they were real. Now […]

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Toe Tappin’ Flappa Costume

August 9, 2010 Staff Corner
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Flapper costumes have been all the rage for some time now. Apparently this is the style that will never die, but there are only so many design variations of flapper costumes you can make without loosing some authenticity. Dreamgirl has brought this overdone design in to a new age. The Toe Tappin’ Flappa is a […]

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So much glamor! So little time!

August 5, 2010 Halloween

Only 86 days left! Time to plan and practice your own unique look. Come on over to Frankel’s and try on something. Get some ideas. Find just the right accessories. Get everything just so. Practice your makeup. Get a professional consultation and learn to do it right. At Frankel’s we have everything you need. Four […]

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You Salsa Devil, You

August 5, 2010 Halloween

Only 88 days left! Who are you going to be? Let that naughty girl out! Like to salsa? You could be the Salsa Devil. It’s a costume worthy of Dancing with the Stars. Glamorous, flirty, bare enough. Lots of red, sequins, filmy chiffon floating over a bare midriff. Fun for dancing. Sequined horns on a […]

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Which Witch?

August 4, 2010 Halloween

Ninety days to Halloween and already rumors are flying? Parties are being planned. Costumes are in the design stage. Hosts and hostesses are getting their brooms in a row. The personal shopper hotline is buzzing with rumors of a witches-only party—with their dates, of course. So, if you’re dating a witch, you should be on […]

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Ringmasta Costume

August 2, 2010 Halloween
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Last year the Ringmaster/Lion Tamer style costumes were so popular we could hardly keep them on the shelves. Needless to say, I am very interested to see how this Dreamgirl “Ringmasta” costume sells this Halloween. This costume accents the wild and glamorous sides of the circus! In my opinion, the jacket makes this costume. The […]

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Fabulous Witch Costume

July 26, 2010 Staff Corner
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Once again a very big seller last year, we decided to see how well the Franco Fabulous Witch would fly off the shelves this year. The contrast between Black and this Vibrant Green commands the attention of everyone around! The floor length dress adds elegance to this ensemble, yet the slit shows your sexy side. […]

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Angel Of Music Costume

July 21, 2010 Staff Corner
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Angel Of Music costume by Dreamgirl. The one thing I love about Dreamgirl is that they accessorize amazingly. The Angel Of Music is a “playful” version of Christine from Phantom of the Opera.

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Toga Tour

July 20, 2010 Halloween

The closet mistress gave me the grand tour today. Seeing the store through her eyes gave me a totally different perspective. Where I saw a Roman soldier, she saw a hottie of a customer transformed by her magic. After costume, accessories and makeup, he was so real I expected him to open his mouth and […]

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