Elvis is still King

Elvis—Why the King Lives

Let’s face it—Elvis was King for a reason. Or—more accurately—for many reasons. His talent and timeless appeal still hold true today as fans still pay tribute to him through fun costumes from various eras of his career. Elvis’ fame can’t be explained away easily. He was an instant hit worldwide, which is why his fame has endured long after his passing. Why is his legacy so powerful that fans still seek out this look for costume parties around the world?

The Legacy

You can hardly walk around the Las Vegas strip without seeing a dozen or so versions of the King. Any television show or movie set in Sin City will certainly feature one or two Kings as well. His legacy is as strong as ever, with Elvis impersonators making a good living swaying their hips and curling their lips for droves of Elvis fans. But, the fascination with Elvis isn’t limited to Vegas.

For many, wearing an Elvis costume is the perfect way to pay tribute to their beloved King, making it a great choice for fans of all ages. Men, women, and children can often be seen at costume parties wearing the bejeweled jumpsuit and dark glasses. The fun of the King’s look is timeless—as people everywhere instantly recognize the classic look of an Elvis costume. For that reason, the costume has remained a popular choice for decades and is always a big hit at parties.

The King—The Many Manifestations of the Elvis Costume

The great thing about dressing up as the greatest cultural icon of all times is—there really are no rules about who can and can’t emanate the look of Elvis. Today’s Elvis wannabes come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and—well—genders. Many women don the look as a sexy version of the King to add some spice to the next costume party. Costumes of the King are meant to be fun and can be perfect for just about anyone. With dark glasses and a white jumpsuit along with a few good moves, anyone can be the King of Rock and Roll at the next costume party.

Movie Ticket Weekly “The Smurfs”

To make up for missing last week, there are going to be two reviews this week. First up will be The Smurfs and then later this weekend, Cowboys and Aliens! Unfortunately I had missed seeing both films on opening weekend, hence the delay.

Now, getting back to business, it’s safe to say that The Smurfs are among the most iconic cartoon characters in history. The original comics began in October of 1958, having been brought to life on paper by a Belgian cartoonist by the name of Peyo. Originally the Smurfs (or known as Schtroumpf in French) had started off as nothing more than a joke between Peyo and his friend André Franquin, unaware of how much of an impact these little blue creatures and their strange language would have on the world.

Having grown up watching Cartoon Network as a kid it’s no surprise that among the various shows that aired I watched The Smurfs. Those blue creatures in white pants and hats that stand at no more than three apples tall in height had captured my heart and were an absolute joy to watch. So upon hearing that the cartoon was going to be getting a live action movie, I knew I had to go and see it. And during a time where every cartoon that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s was getting either the movie and/or reboot treatment, it wasn’t a surprise to see this happen.

So the question is how does the movie treat these beloved Smurfs? Are they given the respect and love they have come to deserve? Or is it riddled with pop-culture references, weak humor and slap-stick antics, and leaving you slightly terrified of a possible Smurf army showing up at your door one day ready to take over?

There were moments in The Smurfs movie that had the same tone and messages that the original comics and cartoons had taught everyone. One scene in particular that stands out among the rest was when Papa Smurf (voiced by Jonathan Winters) and Patrick Winslow (as played by Neil Patrick Harris) talk about what it means to be a father. It was a simple scene with a moving conversation between the pair. Or how about seeing Clumsy spend the duration of the movie learning to come to terms with his clumsiness and prove himself to his family? Scenes like these were the most endearing and reminded me why I loved The Smurfs.

I could have gone without seeing Garamel using a wine bucket as a chamber pot though. Just putting that one out there. There was too much potty humor that had no place in this film and, in all honesty, was there really a need to set this all in New York City? Is there something wrong with little mushroom villages in magical kingdoms in times of fairy tales?

But for those of you who remember their love for these characters, we have made sure to stock up on costumes and accessory kits to fulfill your smurfy needs! A traditional Smurf costume is available in both standard as well as plus sizes for the men, and for the women we carry Smurfette! And for less than two (2) dollars we also have make-up kits that include the blue make-up as well as the blue, round rubber nose. Even something as simple as the iconic white hats are available, so be sure to stop by before they’re out of stock!

Zoot Suit Riot

Do you like the feeling of walking down the street to the sound of cascading laughter? A sound that rolls across the road like waves lapping at the rocky coast of a southern California beach? That’s likely the reaction you’ll get today if you wear a zoot suit. However, there was a time when the toughs of So-Cal proudly strolled the broad avenues of Los Angeles in their zoot suits. Woe to those who mocked them during this fashion statement’s heyday. Here’s a quick lesson on the whys and wherefores of this infamous clothing choice.

A zoot suit is basically where you buy a suit that’s two sizes too big, stuff it with padding, pin the ankle cuffs tight and wear a funny hat. Sounds charming, right?

Nevertheless, the zoot suit was often worn by disaffected youth, especially Latinos settled near the Mexican-American border during the 1930s and 1940s. They stood out as symbols of rebellion in a time of economic depression and war.

Zoot suits were hard to come by in those days. You couldn’t just walk into a resale shop and pick one up for a few bucks. No, you had to get one tailored to exact specifications. It was intensive work and it made the zoot suit a hot commodity. They were like iPhones that you wore minus the touch screen.

Those who bandied about town in a zoot suit were so attached to their sense of style that when the government decreed that the materials that made zoot suits should be used for making bombs, ostensibly ones that would deliver payloads of laundry, riots broke out.

These Zoot Suit Riots, despite having the unfortunate honor of a terrible song named after them, were really about racial tensions and social inequality but this isn’t a sociology lesson so just ignore all that. In all likelihood, people were just fed up with having to deal with people wearing the equivalent of 1940s parachute pants.

The zoot suit is still hard to come by today. You’ll rarely see anyone wearing one who isn’t cast for a role or blind. Nevertheless, for those true outsiders, zoot suits can still be had.


Jack Skellington Costume

The great thing about Halloween is having the chance to dress up as anything. Mix and match any idea a person possibly think of and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear on Halloween. Nothing is safe from this night of fun and dress-up: not even the other holidays! There is one particular character has proven this to be fact, a dead man who found himself captivated by the spirit of Christmas and wanted to make it his own!

From the infamous film by the mind of Tim Burton, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a story about a skeleton by the name of Jack Skellington who finds himself ridiculously bored of Halloween. Now, this doesn’t bode very well. After all, the holiday itself is essentially the town he lives in! But on one fateful day though, while out walking his ghost dog in the woods, the skeleton man stumbles across a peculiar group of trees with the strangest of doors carved into the trunks. Curiosity may have killed the cat but Jack was far too intrigued to just ignore this little find. Little did he realize that beyond the door shaped like a Christmas tree that once through it, his after life was to be changed forever! And now you too can dress the part of this clever yet child-like fellow!

Fans of this movie will be happy to know that Disguise has been kind enough to provide for us a Jack Skellington costume to be worn this Halloween season! This two-piece costume is perfect for anyone looking to dress the part of the Pumpkin King himself. The pin-stripe jacket is made from polyester and is very lightweight. In the back, the coat tails are not only intentionally tattered but also slightly uneven in length. It closes in the front with Velcro. In order to complete the costume the wearer will have to provide their own pants, pin stripe would be the best to match the jacket but plain blain will work just as well, along with a white shirt. Jack’s signature bow tie is also included complete with the painted eyes of the bat and misshapen wings. The bow tie is bendable, allowing you to set the wings to your liking.

The costume only comes in one Plus-Size for the gentleman costume-goers, the average sizing that Disguise has given this is between jacket sizes 50 to 52. I would reccommend that underneath the jacket a plain white t-shirt will do just fine. And just to be noted, we do carry the matching costume for any couples look to dress the parts from this film! Sally, the rag-doll who was always looking out for the some-what oblivious skeleton, is the perfect costume to complete this strange but adorable couple.

Clive Barker’s Dark Bazaar

Halloween, when you get right down to it, is a night of terror and unleashing the twisted thoughts lurking within one’s imagination. On All Hallow’s Eve people dress in costumes so that for just one night they can be anyone they desire to be. And for a number of them, it’s to play the role of a wretched soul driven by revenge, madness or simply by demented desires.

Who better to bring to life such creatures than the man behind “Hellraiser”, “Jericho” and “Book of Blood”, just to name a fair few? From the creative mind of Clive Barker with the help of the costume company, Disguise, from the deepest, darkest corners of the abyss comes the “Dark Bazaar” Costume Line. Within this fine yet terrifying collection is a series of costumes, masks and accessories for those of us who dare to dive into such dark ideas.

With each costume comes a story as devised by Mister Barker himself: the twisted assassin for hire known as Tattu Furio; Tormented, an asylum directior consumed by dementia; the spiderella named Web Woman who plays with her food; the once adored Queen of Skulls corrupted by ritual; a demon named only as Fly By Night who is driven by maddening vengeance and the Serpent Seductress who tempt and entice her prey. Each and every single of these creatures linger within this Dark Bazaar as they tell their tales and haunt the dreams of innocent and corrupted alike. Some will seek out their prey while others remain trapped in the hell of their own making.

The Dark Bazaar gives those interested a chance to pretend to be a monster for that one eerie night of the year with their series of full and half-face masks. Paranoia may all be in your head, but what happens when you think there is someone watching you from behind and it turns out they’re a lot closer than you think? It’s Behind You is a full head latex mask that allows the wearer to prove that demons are always following them no matter where they go. Or what about playing the part of easily jealous lover? The Ghoul Friend Half Mask will leave every significant other thinking twice about straying from that relationship! And it’s one thing to hear voices in your head; It’s another fact entirely when those voices belong to the multiple faces occupying your head such as the case with the Faces Half-Mask!

This Halloween season, take the chance to play the role of a monster and step into story that Clive Barker has made especially for this nightmarish evening.

Robin Hood Costume

Now in no way is this costume to encourage the act of engaging in robbery! Instead, this is to embolden those who have entertained the idea of dressing the part of one of the most famous names in English Folklore. And bonus points to you if you can pull off the right accent to go with it!

Robin Hood has been seen in many entertainment forms : the classic Disney film in 1973; the comedic genius that is Robin Hood: Men in Tights twenty-years later; the most recent movie adaptation with Russell Crowe in 2010; as well as with the BBC’s television series. While some points in plot may change from version to version, one thing always remains the same: Robin Hood is and will always be an iconic hero who takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

Rubies has brought us a new Robin Hood costume that is a part of their Full Cut Costume Collection. This costume includes two pieces: a long-sleeve tunic and pants with attached boot-tops. The tunic is lightweight 100% polyester while the vest and cuffs are made of velvet. Accenting the shoulders and the front of the tunic are metal studs with faux leather-looking trim with black lacing. The cream-colored sleeves also have the black studded trimmed cuffs attached as well. Remember that it is designed to fit a little loosely. As for the pants, they are black with attached matching felt boot-top covers making it possible for you to wear sneakers or shoes with the costume. The waistband is lined with elastic that allows extra leeway when it comes to fitting properly. When it comes to the sizing itself, Rubies states that it fits within the range of jacket size 46 to 52, but keep in mind that this costume runs large as it is made to be loose.

If you’re looking to finish off the costume with the right accessories, I would highly recommend adding a quiver and bow set with arrows (we carry them with suction-cup tips) as well as a cloak for sneaking around at night!

Maegen’s Curves

Hello there, my name is Maegen and I am a member of the Customer Service Staff here at Frankel’s Costumes. Part of my job is assisting each and every one of our customers with any questions they may have in regards to our costumes, ranging from finding just the right accessory to what the popular genres and theme are for this season!

However, my specialty here (asides from being a geek) is my knowledge of all of our plus size and full-figure costumes. I know how difficult it can be for those of us who may struggle to find the right costume when a number of outfits these days are designed for those who don’t share our unique shape. That is why I am here: to be your guide to finding the costume of your choosing to best fit those curves of yours!

You will get the low down on what’s new, the sizing guides from the companies that supply these delightful outfits and just what accessories you may want to add that right bit of individual flare to your attire. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday to check out what I will be recommending for all of you guys and dolls!

Toga Tour

The closet mistress gave me the grand tour today. Seeing the store through her eyes gave me a totally different perspective.

Where I saw a Roman soldier, she saw a hottie of a customer transformed by her magic. After costume, accessories and makeup, he was so real I expected him to open his mouth and speak a dead language. His sandals were authentic down to the last mid calf strap. His sword and helmet were polished so bright, they shone like glass in the desert. A little spray tan . . . and he could have been in the Roman army all his life.

The sweetie by his side was also changed in a flash—into a goddess! The toga draped so fluttering, I mean flatteringly. The sandals, the jewelry, even the wig, Vestal virgin? Or Goddess Diana ready for the hunt?

That toga was no bed sheet! It clung to all the right places and draped enticingly over the right curves. When he saw her in that costume . . . and when she saw him. Something wonderful ignited. I wouldn’t have been surprised to be surrounded by torchlight in ancient Rome. The air around them was simply sizzling. Somehow I doubt these costumes will wait for October 31. Maybe she should try on the Cleopatra outfits too. She would look amazing in that exotic eye makeup and a serpent wrapped around her upper arm.

It’s surprising how many costumes are actually timeless, good year round for fun-loving couples. Wonder if my Johnny would like this toga thing . . . maybe a breakaway version.

The closet mistress turned away to take care of another customer, but not before I caught the twinkle in her eye. She knew I was hooked, too. Like she could read my mind, almost. I suspect she really loves her job. Seems like everyone at Frankel’s loves being there. And they are almost ready for another great Halloween. As the new displays go up, I’ll let you know what’s hot this year.