Mrs. Claus: From Dutiful Wife to Spunky Modern Sidekick

Although our modern Santa Claus had a long evolution from the 3rd century bishop, Saint Nicolas, to the secular, jolly old elf of the 21st century, Mrs. Santa Claus seems to have sprung to life unexpectedly. Not based on myth or tradition, she simply appears at Santa’s side in popular writings by American authors in the mid-1800s.

The first mention of a Mrs. Santa Claus occurs in the writings of James Rees in 1849. Although his story features a couple disguised as an old man and his wife delivering wonderful gifts on Christmas Eve, the story ends with the characters not being Mr. and Mrs. Claus after all. But the idea is planted and soon begins to grow.

Over the next few decades Mrs. Claus is presented in stories as the supportive wife, handling the list of who’s been naughty or nice, or keeping Santa and his elves well fed. It wasn’t until 1889 that Mrs. Claus takes on a bit of personality of her own in the poem “Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride.” The endearing Mrs. Claus convinces Santa to take her with him on Christmas Eve. She tends the reindeer, but sadly, doesn’t get to deliver any toys! Always the helper, she mends a stocking for a poor little boy so Santa can fill it with presents.

For years, she continued to be portrayed as merely a background character, there to support Santa Claus in his exhaustive work. Mrs. Claus is often shown as a rotund, gray-haired, kindly woman, willing to selflessly help Santa and his elves in their workshop at the North Pole, feeding them her delicious meals, and making sure they are safely prepared for their long journey. Although this is the most common portrayal of Mrs. Claus, more recent stories and movies have featured Mrs. Claus in a variety of roles, showing her to be a resourceful and energetic woman who could almost handle Christmas Eve on her own!

Children’s books and television daringly featured Mrs. Santa as the main character. Books focusing on Mrs. Santa have been written since 1914, and television has had a great time with Mrs. Santa. She’s been everything from a vampire to the spunky main character of the 1996 Hallmark special, Mrs. Santa Claus.

Bringing Mrs. Santa Claus to Life!

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