Movie Ticket Weekly: “Fright Night” & “Conan the Barbarian”

This past weekend was the weekend of remakes! How do they stand up compared to their originals? I wouldn’t have the faintest idea because I was one of the viewers that walked in blindly to both Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian.

First up we have Fright Night, a remake of the 1985 horror film by the same name. A suburban neighborhood falls prey to a vampire by the name of Jerry but who is going to believe a teenage boy who discovers this? After all, what vampire would go by the name of Jerry? But strange choice in naming aside, what started off as a half-way decent horror movie became a fairly campy vampire flick. The opening scene sells the fear element and sets the tone for the first half of the movie. This is one vampire that won’t try to use sparkling skin to try and strike fear. No, this one will simply go for the jugular, or better yet, blow up your house.

Both Colin Farrel (Jerry) and Anton Yelchin (Charley Brewster) act off one another very well. It was enjoyable to see them alternate between the roles of hunter and hunted that plays out throughout the film. One scene in particular I want to make mention of is when Charley tests out his theory of what Jerry really is when his neighbor comes over to borrow a six-pack of beer. It’s understandable that it would be difficult to play it cool when there is a blood-thirsty mythological creature hovering in your doorway trying to convince you to invite them inside your house, to which Anton performs very well.

However, the one that stole the movie for me was David Tennant. His character of Peter Vincent was the highlight of the film and every scene he was in did not disappoint. In fact, the only thing I regret was not seeing more of his character in it.

Fright Night was a fun film. Not the greatest but certainly not the worst. The campy moments earn a good laugh although I think there were moments that weren’t intended to be funny. I have plans on seeing it again but probably not until the DVD is out. If you have the chance, however, go see it in the theaters. It’s worth seeing at least once on the big screen. And don’t forget to pick up a pair of fangs before you do!

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum now, Canon the Barbarian wasn’t entirely as bad as I’ve seen people make it to be. This was one of those movies where I walked in not expecting much save for a lot of fight scenes and the obligatory forced romance. And that’s what I got. There was more blood than I had imagined though. Probably even more than there was in Fright Night—and that one is of the vampire genre!

The story starts off with the birth of Conan on a battlefield and proceeds with the non-stop violence and bloodshed throughout his childhood. Under the guidance of his father, Corin (Ron Perlman), he is taught the ways of their people and shows early signs of a potential psychopath. Seeing a young child showing up with four severed heads and looking hardly disturbed by this? Not a good sign, just saying.

But after a life changing event, we fast-forward to where Conan (Jason Momoa) is now a part of a new ‘family’ of warriors who take it upon themselves to bring down those who are in the wrong and profit from their rewards. Meanwhile, some ways away, a temple is under an attack that has been orchestrated by a man named Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang) and his daughter, Marique (Rose McGowan). They seek the last remaining girl of a royal bloodline that is capable of necromancy. With the use of her, the pair seeks out to resurrect their lost wife/mother respectively in hopes to… you guessed it: take over the world and make Khalar a god. What else can you expect from a fantasy film such as this?

There is nothing memorable about the movie. The acting is good, don’t get me wrong, but with such a weak story there really isn’t much one can expect out of it. If you’re looking for mindless violence, lots of yelling, and all around wanting to waste a couple of hours, then this is the movie for you. It may be in your better interest if you save your money for another movie and wait for this to come out on DVD though.

The Conan costumes are on their way to our shop so for anyone interested be sure to keep an eye out this Halloween!

Movie Ticket Weekly “The Smurfs”

To make up for missing last week, there are going to be two reviews this week. First up will be The Smurfs and then later this weekend, Cowboys and Aliens! Unfortunately I had missed seeing both films on opening weekend, hence the delay.

Now, getting back to business, it’s safe to say that The Smurfs are among the most iconic cartoon characters in history. The original comics began in October of 1958, having been brought to life on paper by a Belgian cartoonist by the name of Peyo. Originally the Smurfs (or known as Schtroumpf in French) had started off as nothing more than a joke between Peyo and his friend André Franquin, unaware of how much of an impact these little blue creatures and their strange language would have on the world.

Having grown up watching Cartoon Network as a kid it’s no surprise that among the various shows that aired I watched The Smurfs. Those blue creatures in white pants and hats that stand at no more than three apples tall in height had captured my heart and were an absolute joy to watch. So upon hearing that the cartoon was going to be getting a live action movie, I knew I had to go and see it. And during a time where every cartoon that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s was getting either the movie and/or reboot treatment, it wasn’t a surprise to see this happen.

So the question is how does the movie treat these beloved Smurfs? Are they given the respect and love they have come to deserve? Or is it riddled with pop-culture references, weak humor and slap-stick antics, and leaving you slightly terrified of a possible Smurf army showing up at your door one day ready to take over?

There were moments in The Smurfs movie that had the same tone and messages that the original comics and cartoons had taught everyone. One scene in particular that stands out among the rest was when Papa Smurf (voiced by Jonathan Winters) and Patrick Winslow (as played by Neil Patrick Harris) talk about what it means to be a father. It was a simple scene with a moving conversation between the pair. Or how about seeing Clumsy spend the duration of the movie learning to come to terms with his clumsiness and prove himself to his family? Scenes like these were the most endearing and reminded me why I loved The Smurfs.

I could have gone without seeing Garamel using a wine bucket as a chamber pot though. Just putting that one out there. There was too much potty humor that had no place in this film and, in all honesty, was there really a need to set this all in New York City? Is there something wrong with little mushroom villages in magical kingdoms in times of fairy tales?

But for those of you who remember their love for these characters, we have made sure to stock up on costumes and accessory kits to fulfill your smurfy needs! A traditional Smurf costume is available in both standard as well as plus sizes for the men, and for the women we carry Smurfette! And for less than two (2) dollars we also have make-up kits that include the blue make-up as well as the blue, round rubber nose. Even something as simple as the iconic white hats are available, so be sure to stop by before they’re out of stock!

Movie Ticket Weekly “Green Lantern”

Because I am a big fan of the DC Universe I made an effort to attend the midnight release of the Green Lantern film on Friday morning. The fun thing about midnight showings is that some theaters will have events going on prior to the movie starting. I attended the showing at the Alamo Drafthouse in West Oaks where before the lights were dimmed, the owners of 8th Dimension Comics and Game Store provided prizes—such as official movie posters, comics and t-shirts—for the trivia contest they held.

Green Lantern is the one major superhero movie they have debuting this year as opposed to Marvel’s three films (Thor, X-Men: First Class, and later this year, Captain America: The First Avenger). I myself have nothing against Marvel and do enjoy their stories, but I grew up with DC, so I have always been a little more partial to those characters.

Without spoiling the film, it is your basic origin story about one of the classic comic book heroes, Hal Jordan. He was the first human to become a member of the Green Lantern Corp and was a founding member of the Justice League of America. Played by Ryan Reynolds, Hal Jordan is a test pilot who works for a company called Ferris Aircraft. However, his life was changed forever when a spacecraft carrying a dying alien by the name of Abin Sur crashed into Earth.

Walking out of the theater that morning once the movie was over, I was left with an underwhelmed kind of feeling. But before I go into this movie discussion I want to be clear that this wasn’t a bad movie though. I did, in fact, have fun seeing it. It had faults and weaknesses but I don’t regret going to see it, let alone losing hours of sleep before work that day. If you have plans on going to see it, then do so; you may want to keep your expectations low though. Or you can wait until it is out on DVD to rent it.

The movie felt flat in the end, but that isn’t to say it was boring. Every five or ten minutes there was something big happening: huge, loud and, oftentimes, something exploded. For me, the highlights of the film were all of the scenes that took place on Oa (the planet that is home for the Green Lantern Corp) as well as seeing Hal wield the ring’s power.

Because this is the story of how it all began for Hal, he is, of course, the main focus of the story, but I found myself wanting to see more of Kilowag, Tomar-Re, Thaal Sinestro and the rest of the Corp. Tomar-Re, in particular, was my favorite to see. My other concern was I found Hector Hammond’s plotline to be more interesting to follow than Hal’s. He was a normal human who was consumed by the yellow power of fear. Watching his struggle and seeing his humanity slip away due to terror consuming him was the most intriguing part of the plot to follow.

All in all, Green Lantern is one of the weaker movies of the summer. It isn’t terrible and certainly doesn’t deserve the low ratings I have seen around the Internet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this franchise is rebooted in a few years.

Now costume-wise, the movie has proved to show that the majority of it’s budget has gone to the CGI, including the redesign of Green Lantern uniforms. Seeing as we all can’t walk around in CGI costumes Rubie’s has gone ahead and designed uniforms that we can actually wear this Halloween season. We currently carry the Deluxe Green Lantern costume that is modeled after the cartoons and comics in stock. The costumes and accessories that are based on the design from this movie are on order and as they come in I’ll be sure to post updates on our Twitter (frankelscostume)!

Sucker Punch

This action packed film comes from the mind of Zack Snyder,  the director behind the Watchmen, and the beautifully shot 300 movie that had men everywhere scrambling to the gym to get the same chiseled abs modeled throughout the film. Mr. Snyder has returned with a vengeance and has brought forth a visually stunning, fantastically choreographed film. The epic tale revolves around Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning), and her determination to remove herself from her prison. In this case her prison is the Lennox House , an asylum, where she has been placed by her step father who rids himself of the rebellious” girl when his attempt to violate Baby Doll’s sister is nixed by Baby Doll (she succeeds in stopping him but shoots her sister in the process).

Baby Doll has little time to take in her new fate when she discovers that her stepfather has paid for scheduled multiple lobotomies (an attempt to remove any special memories of her recently deceased mother and sister). In order to cope with her awful reality, Baby Doll conjures up a world where she must dance for her life before the High Roller comes to visit. In this imaginary world she encounters giant, demonic samurai soldiers; there is steam and gear powered World War II zombies; storming castles with dragons and even robots set up not unlike video game levels that the cast; Rocket, Blondie, Amber, and Sweet Pea must fight their way through.

For a movie that had a budget of roughly eighty-two million dollars, it certainly proved to be eye candy complete with intriguing costume designs and upbeat soundtrack. With that said, make sure to check out all four animated shorts that were released prior to the movie’s debut. They add a little more substance to the action scenes found in the movie. Backtrack to (hands down) the best part for “Sucker Punch”,  the costume designs. These sexy designs in which will be made available for Halloween of this year, courtesy of Rubie’s, are geared to embody the five fearless women. As a part of Rubie’s’ new line for Secret Wishes they are releasing not only the costumes, but also the wigs and accessories of the five hardcore chicks that took over the screen. We have ordered these costumes and hope to have them in in time for the holiday season so be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date! Masks have also been ordered for the steampunk-esque zombie soldiers and the samurai demons so stay tuned!

Robin Hood Costume

Now in no way is this costume to encourage the act of engaging in robbery! Instead, this is to embolden those who have entertained the idea of dressing the part of one of the most famous names in English Folklore. And bonus points to you if you can pull off the right accent to go with it!

Robin Hood has been seen in many entertainment forms : the classic Disney film in 1973; the comedic genius that is Robin Hood: Men in Tights twenty-years later; the most recent movie adaptation with Russell Crowe in 2010; as well as with the BBC’s television series. While some points in plot may change from version to version, one thing always remains the same: Robin Hood is and will always be an iconic hero who takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

Rubies has brought us a new Robin Hood costume that is a part of their Full Cut Costume Collection. This costume includes two pieces: a long-sleeve tunic and pants with attached boot-tops. The tunic is lightweight 100% polyester while the vest and cuffs are made of velvet. Accenting the shoulders and the front of the tunic are metal studs with faux leather-looking trim with black lacing. The cream-colored sleeves also have the black studded trimmed cuffs attached as well. Remember that it is designed to fit a little loosely. As for the pants, they are black with attached matching felt boot-top covers making it possible for you to wear sneakers or shoes with the costume. The waistband is lined with elastic that allows extra leeway when it comes to fitting properly. When it comes to the sizing itself, Rubies states that it fits within the range of jacket size 46 to 52, but keep in mind that this costume runs large as it is made to be loose.

If you’re looking to finish off the costume with the right accessories, I would highly recommend adding a quiver and bow set with arrows (we carry them with suction-cup tips) as well as a cloak for sneaking around at night!