The Complete MakeUp Artist

Now there are several useful and informative books in relation to the study of make-up. But because there are different levels to it, just like every other subject a person can learn about, there are varying books dedicated to the different levels of skill. “The Complete Make-Up Artist” is a book geared towards those who are beginners in learning about make-up in television, movies, and theater.

Penny Delamar knows what it is that any beginner will need when they start off. She had worked for the BBC for ten years on various projects and is now principal of Delamar Academy, just to name a couple of accomplishments in her career. This is a book just made for the aspiring student.

Because visuals are always helpful, accompanying each of the step-by-step guides for the different techniques there are matching illustrations. That way it allows a comparison for the reader to rely on when trying it themselves. Within each chapter there are tidbits of information added on to help the reader as they learn. It covers the basics as well as principles to make-up without overwhelming the student with too much at once. There are tips and notes on health and safety to make sure they are also aware of what they should be careful of when practicing.

The basics covered in the book apply to both traditional as well as character make-up. Because neither one is more important than the other, Penny Delamar makes sure to cover both styles. And just like any good teacher should, there are plenty of activities and questions inside. It is the best way to ensure that a person is learning and what better way to do that then with a few projects? This tests the person on what they learn and has them put their newly acquired knowledge to use.

“The Complete Make-Up Artist” provides examples of work most notable in the history of entertainment, such as “Gone with the Wind”, to show what can be achieved when someone is dedicated to what they love. Works that were completed by her graduates and had received awards for are excellent examples provided in this book.

For anyone starting out in make-up, “The Complete Make-Up Artist” is the ideal guide in helping them on their way. It is the perfect book to start one’s collection with as they continue to learn the various arts to make-up.

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