The idea of vampires is one of the most popular genres to date when it comes to the media. While the term ‘vampire’ started in the early 18th century, the description of these creatures existed long before the word itself. Those resembling what we would call vampires could be found in history dating as far back as prehistoric. Cultures such as Ancient Greek, Roman, African, Asian and Mesopotamian had tales of their about entities and spirits that drained the blood of living beings.

In those times these beings were among many stories often told to scare people and were revered as legends of old. Nowadays, a person can find books, movies, television series and comics that usually glamorize the myth that is vampires.

There are varying interpretations about these vampires even to this day. In some stories they cannot go out in the sun for fear that they will burn alive while in others they can. Holy relics can be used to ward them off in some; Others can be fought off with the use of garlic. Each and every interpretation will vary which often leads to heavy debates and discussion as to what really is a vampire.

For most however the definitive definition of the vampire is based on the novel by Bram Stoker entitled “Dracula” that he had written in 1897. This book alone introduced the world to the most infamous, most iconic vampire known to history, Count Dracula. The Count has been featured in over 200 films alone, along with countless novels and short stories.

Even now a person cannot go into a book or video store without seeing an entire section dedicated to these mythical beings. “The Vampire Chronicles” written by Anne Rice remains as large staple in vampire lore like that of “Dracula”. And today the idea of the vampire has been over-romanticized in teen and young adult fiction, with the most well-known example being “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer. But there are still horror stories that continue with the fear-inducing ideas that frighten people.

Whether or not vampires actually exist is still a debate that goes on even now. But whether they are fiction or not, one fact remains: the idea of vampires will be forever immortalized by humans without the requirement of feeding on the blood of another living being. As long as we continue to read those books, watch those movies, dress in their fashion and bare our fake fangs, the legend will continue to live on for always.

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