Walter Plunkett

Walter Plunkett is, to this day, one of the most well remembered costume designers. Originally he studied law at the University of California but he came to discover that his true calling was found in the world of theater and movies.
On June 5th, 1902, Walter Puckett was born in Oakland, California.  It was there that he started his studies in costume and set designs. For some time he moved to Greenwich Village where he began working in his field of study. And upon his return to California he found him spending time in Hollywood. It was a small start, but he was given the roll as a movie extra in the 1925 film, “The Merry Widow”.
Through out his career, had worked on more than one-hundred and fity projects. The two works he is best known for however are designs featured in “Gone with the Wind” as well as “Singin’ in the Rain”. Other works of his include “Little Women” in 1933 and then again 1949 (which is what helped him to get the job for “Gone with the Wind”), “The Hunchback of Norte Dame”, “The Secret Garden”, and “Annie Get Your Gun”. The duration of his career was from 1927 to 1966, with all thirty nine years dedicated to his passion. Eye-catching and beautiful costume designs gave him his name in the design world for media. And it all started with his first credit job as a costume designer in the 1927 film “Hard-Boild Haggerty”.

Although, while wildly regarded for his designs and works, out of the eleven times he was nominated for the Oscar for his respective cateory, he only won one. The award was shared with Orry-Kelly and Irene for the film “An American in Paris”. His works are also found on Broadway and the Metropolitan Opera.

In 1966 Walter Plunkett had decided to retire from his life of design where he passed away in 1982 at the age of seventy-nine.

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