Westmore Beauty Book

The famous Westmore brothers, a brood of five experts in the field of Hollywood hair and makeup, impact during the 1950s cannot be underestimated. Through their collective efforts, these brothers defined the look of silver screen stars in the post-war period. Their renown was such that they were able to publish a book that documented their various techniques and experiences in making people beautiful. Long out of print, this book has finally been reissued for a new generation.

The contents of the book alone are wroth the purchase price. Unlike most makeup and hair manuals that are several decades old, trapped in their context, this beauty book is as applicable today as it was back in 1956. Most of the techniques detailed in this 250 odd page book are not only timeless but extend beyond the simple application of makeup or hair spray.

There are beauty techniques to make women look younger sans plastic surgery. Perhaps these tips are more valuable than the actual makeup secret which are, despite the richness of the results and descriptions, relics of their time. Maybe useful for someone seeking a decidedly retro look.

Nevertheless, the beauty tips in this book are quite valuable. I’d wager that the most insightful and useful for modern readers is the ability to tailor one’s natural appearance, complete with blemishes and flaws, into strengths. This holistic and naturalistic tendency is likely to strike a chord with modern readers.
Makeup manuals often have the tendency to clone its readers into little copies of the models pictured. More of a template than a guide, the results generated can be ill-fitting and discouraging, especially when compared against professional models and a legion of stylists and photographers to make them look beyond the means of the average person.

No, this book enables readers to build their appearances based on their needs. Customization is key and this book provides you with the tools to do so.

Author: Maegen

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