The dead have been frequently walking the Earth lately. No, it isn’t a sign of the end times but it is a sign that a whole culture is being constructed around these shambling corpses. Nevertheless, why do people opt to dress up in pancake makeup and fake blood and simulate the movements of the walking dead?

There isn’t a clear answer to why other than it is a trend that is becoming more and more pronounced in popular culture. For those who don’t know, zombies are walking dead people. The typical zombie costume, or appearance if you are unlucky enough to encounter a real life one, can vary greatly. The most common grab for a zombie is any article of clothing a person may wear. This means, t-shirts and jeans, business suits, dresses, all of it is apropos.

However, the real zombie costume isn’t just clothing. A lot of makeup is required to simulate the complexion and appearance of a walking dead body. Makeup that gives the skin a lifeless tone, fake blood for injury and bite marks and, if you’re feeling really ambitious, prosthetics that mimic the appearance of broken or torn off limbs.

Most zombies will crop up around Halloween. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the intense makeup can easily run in hot conditions so cool autumn weather is ideal. Secondly, Halloween is a time for zombies due to the focus on horror movies. Zombies, after all, have shambled off the silver screen and right into the hearts, or brains, of audiences. Typically zombies appear the same time mummies, vampires and ghosts appear because they all fall under the same genre umbrella.

Now, the question needs to be addressed about zombies being real. The term zombie comes from voodoo magic and it focused more on turning a living person into a mindless, still breathing, servant rather than animating a dead corpse to walk around and terrorize people. Hollywood adapted the term for its own use, giving us the modern day cinematic zombie.

However, as zombies have increased in popularity, classes, courses and literature about zombies and how to combat zombies have cropped up. Often seen as harmless fun, some people can get a little overzealous about this hobby, even going to the point of carrying zombie hunting weapons around with them. It’s all fun until someone loses an eye.

Author: Maegen

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